Toronto is known for its rich culture and diversity.  Having your wedding in Toronto means there is no shortage of ways to also include your culture in your wedding reception.  With that in mind, you can choose what you like best from a list we have created to compile different cultural entertainment!  We can ensure your backgrounds are also properly represented for your big day if you want to reach out and schedule a consultation!

Culture-Based Music

This is just a quick sample of different genres of music you can choose to have played during your reception based on a few different backgrounds.

  • Portuguese: Fado during dinner.
  • Eastern European: Look out for polkas!
  • Spanish or Latin: Salsa and merengue will be on your dance list.
  • Caribbean:  Some Calypso, Reggaeton, Dancehall, or Chutney music will be great!
  • Indian: Great music from Bollywood plus the Punjabi, Goan, and Bhangra styles.

Performances and Culture on your big day!

There are many extremely talented groups and individuals who could be hired for your wedding within Toronto. Entertainers can be hired to perform at any point of your reception or even during cocktail hour too!  They can perform for guests while you take photos or show up to open your dance floor!  Extra entertainment is always a hit at a wedding and can also be a great way to continue to incorporate your culture into your big day.

  • Chinese: Lion dancers are a fun addition.
  • Persian or Arabic: A Belly Dancer or dancers
  • Jewish: A Hora dance should be on your itinerary
  • Greek: A Pig dance or Bread dance
  • Serbian: A Kola is a must.
  • Filipinos: Traditional Money Dance.
  • Brazilians: Samba Dancers!

There are some great options for artistic and creative performances like aerialists or caricature artist too.

A recent favourite comes from the people at TI Bots.  A robot will show up, and take things to the next level with lights, lasers, and CO2 cannons.

Dinner Entertainment

We have seen couples get very creative for ways to entertain guests during dinner.  Aside from the options mentioned above, here are a few of our recent favourites!

  • Kissing Games during dinner.
  • The Shoe Game: Where the couple sits back-to-back on the dance floor during dinner and the guests learn more about the couple and see how well they know each other.
  • Centerpieces Giveaway Games:  We can help with that and have the guests pass a napkin left and right around the dinner table to a poem, or award the centerpiece to the guest at the table with the birthday closest to your wedding date.

Your wedding should reflect your personalities, cultures, and music taste.  Reach out to us and we will help guide you to a reception that is uniquely yours and ensure we include your culture in your wedding reception!

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