Getting the bride and groom to kiss is a favourite of reception guests.  However, the old-fashioned “clinking glasses together” is just that, old-fashioned. Plus, your venue probably doesn’t also want everyone banging on their stemware.  Change things up with what we consider to be the best kissing games! This will put a fun twist on a classic reception staple!

Give 5 Tips On each table, guests will find a list of themes. To make the couple kiss, a guest must choose a theme, and come to the mic with their top 5 tips!

Theme Suggestions :
Honeymoon activities
Ways to stop an argument
Things to do on your anniversary
Tips for newlyweds
How to split up the housework

Sing a Song MC can announce “If you want to see the Bride and Groom kiss, you or your table must stand and sing a song with the word love in it.” This is one of the most popular (and best) kissing games because it works and, crowds love it!

Kissing Die There is an oversized 6-sided die. Two of the sides have lips on them, the other four sides have numbers from one to four.  There are a few options for this game when a guest comes up to roll the die.. a) If the die lands on lips, the B+G will kiss, if it lands on a number the guest goes back and kisses someone from their table. b) If the die lands on a number, the Bride and Groom will kiss for that many seconds, if it lands on lips, the guest goes back and kisses someone from their table. c) If the die lands on lips, the Bride and Groom will kiss, if it lands on a number, the guest goes back to the table, counts the same number of seats to their left, and kisses that guest.

Demonstration  Simply announce that in order to get the Bride and Groom to kiss, a couple must come up in front of the head table and give a demonstration. They show off how they want the Bride and Groom to kiss, and then, the Bride and Groom copy it!

Hershey’s Kisses Fill a bag with 2 different colours of Hershey’s Kisses.  Guests are invited to come up and select a kiss from the bag. If they select the “kissing colour” (red) the Bride and Groom kiss, and if not the guest must go and kiss someone from their table!  We think this is one of the best kissing games because of this fun surprise twist!

Trivia Game  Bride and Groom make up a list of trivia questions about themselves.  Each question is on a separate piece of paper and put in a bag or box.  Guests are then invited to come up to read and answer them.  If they get the question right, the Bride and Groom will kiss.

Name That Tune Bride and Groom (or the DJ) have a list of popular songs that should also be easily identifiable by hearing only a couple of seconds. A guest taps their glass or otherwise makes the MC aware that they want to play, the MC announces them and then plays the beginning of a song.  The guest has to then guess what song it is. If they guess correctly, they win a kiss for the Bride and Groom.

Bell Ringing The Bride and Groom set a small bell and each place setting and when the guests ring the bells, the Bride and Groom kiss!

Chopstick Professional The guests pick up different items with chopsticks. The harder an item is to pick up the better the kiss. Have the 3 levels of difficulty separated on a banquet table and set up on the dance floor. Put tent cards with the titles of the levels. Once an object has been picked up, it is removed from the table. (Easy item examples: a sponge, another chopstick, or a flower. Medium item examples: a single grain of rice, a ring, or a grape. Hard item exampled: a heavy book, something slippery, a CD, a piece of paper, or a coin.)

Putting Green Place a putting green on the dance floor and invite the guests to come up and putt.  If they get a hole-in-one, the Bride and Groom will kiss!

If you like any of these games, or have an idea for your own kissing game, reach out and we can start planning your reception together!

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