Sometimes, couples feel it’s strange to deal with us in the office when someone else will be their DJ at the reception.  After 30 years and 10,000 + weddings, we are confident that our system delivers the right (perhaps, Best?) results. Our reputation, reviews, and recommendations speak for themselves, but if you need a “peek behind the curtain”, you can learn all the benefits of working with Maximum Music and how the process works, below!

5 steps that take place when working with Maximum Music!

  1. You want to hire Maximum Music.  You’ve done your research and you like us best (we don’t blame you).  You trust that we will work with you to make the reception music perfect.
  2. Envision your reception. You’ve thought about your reception, what music you want, and what you expect from us for music and an MC (introductions, games, and general personality).  To share your vision, use our planning form for clear communication and to send your music requests!
  3. The two-month mark.  We’ve received commitments from our DJs to work at your wedding.  We match your wedding with one of our DJs who will make your reception dreams come true.
  4. The two-week mark.  You have completed everything in our client area and our owner, Rod, will personally reach out to talk with you and run through them.  This will make sure we have all the little details sorted.
  5. And Go!  Now, and only now, is the reception is ready to take place with Maximum Music.

We love this system because it keeps everyone doing what they love.  Our owner, Rod, gets to talk with couples, hear their (your) excitement, and has a hand in planning the perfect reception. Our DJs do what they love – focused on delivering the music, creating a party atmosphere, and leaving the planning process pieces to the pros!  Each person is not great at all aspects of being a wedding DJs, but the biggest benefit to working with Maximum Music is, we’ve let people thrive in the areas they excel at and share the workload to ensure success!

When you hire us, you deal with a team that builds in training, networking, idea sharing, music programming, and development within our staff.  You have a company with resources available to deal with any curveball that may come up.  From backup DJs to backup equipment, we’ll be there for you.

5 things you’ll avoid when working with Maximum Music.

Following this above process, here are a few problems you WON’T have because we don’t assign DJs far in advance.

  1. Assigning the Wrong DJ.  We might realize that we have a different DJ that is better suited to meet your specific requests when we learn more about you.  We don’t assign a DJ until much closer to your wedding, so we know who will be a great fit for you!
  2. Commitment vs the right fit.  A DJ can be available and willing to commit to a date, but their availability is not the most important factor.  We consider all aspects of your wedding and vision to make sure we get the right DJ for you.
  3. Plans change.  Someone is committed to being your DJ on a certain date, but then your plans change.  The DJ you had selected is not available anymore and you’re (understandably) disappointed.  Our system ensures you can avoid this heartbreak and have only positive memories when working with Maximum Music.
  4. Referral Dilemmas.  A referral to a specific DJ from a friend is always a bonus!  But while the DJ they recommended may have been a good fit for them, they may not be good for you.  We’ll make sure your DJ is the best FOR YOU!  Every couple (just like every DJ) is unique!
  5. Not all great DJs are great planners.  A DJ meets with a couple 6 months before the wedding. Then, they don’t remember the little details or lose the napkin they were written on. What a nightmare!  We get it, not everyone is great at everything!  Our team works together so your experience is nothing less than perfect.

At the two-month mark when we assign your DJ, they will be ready to talk all about your wedding.  They’ll learn all about you, your music tastes, and go over all the details.  We know you won’t regret working with Maximum Music!

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