We’ve been in this industry for a long time and we understand the struggle of trying to decide “who should MC my wedding?”.  In our opinion, the best receptions have a hybrid of DJ/ MC who shares the duties with someone you choose. Hear us out.

Here is the most common and simplest arrangement:

First, the DJ will introduce the bridal party from the DJ table.  Then the MC will go to the microphone and do the more personal things (like the speeches) during dinner. Your MC is often in the bridal party, so it makes sense that we do that first introduction.

During dinner, your MC will be able to insert personal content that wouldn’t be genuine coming from the DJ.

After dinner, the DJ can take over so that your MC can drink, dance, and enjoy the celebrations with you.  They won’t need to be watching the time for late-night announcements or worrying about keeping things on track.  Better to just let them enjoy the night next to you on the dance floor!

There are many variations to this script. You will find there are some examples of itineraries from weddings below that are downloadable as word and excel files.  Feel free to take them and make them your own!

Keep in mind, when you hire Maximum Music, we provide a handheld cordless microphone at no additional cost.  This can be used by your MC to use if there is not one included from your venue.  We also do not charge for our DJ to be your MC. It’s all a part of the job!  Anyone who works for us as a DJ, also needs to be competent on the mic, well-spoken, and skilled at keeping the reception on track when needed. We won’t be cracking jokes or ad-libbing, that is the domain of your friends and family who know you best! So really, there is no need to try to decide “who should MC my wedding?”.  We say hire us AND appoint someone close to you as well!

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