In many of these blog posts, we highlight that a wedding DJ and not just any DJ should be trusted to work your reception. We are like an iceberg that has 90% below the surface, or a swan that glides across the water.  You only see the calm pretty surface and not the large frantic activity going on below.

Maximum Music is a medium to high-end service. We are hired for weddings with a $30,000 to $100,000 total budget. At this scope, there is always a team of wedding professionals involved.  When you consider this, you want your DJ to be part of an efficient team to create the best outcome on your wedding day.  If you hire a proper wedding DJ, they can ensure to fit right into your team.

Wedding DJ and Your Other Vendors

All your vendors have a motivation based on their specific role for your big day.  The officiant wants to see you married, the florist brought all your wedding colours together, your caterer presenting a delicious meal for you to enjoy, and even for us, it’s ensuring you have a great dance party! We also love it when there is a wedding planner because, to us, they’re running the show. They’re able to keep things on schedule and bring your vision to life at every step.  In the absence of a wedding planner, your DJ is also there to help keep the pace for the night.  At Maximum Music, we also work with you and your team.  This way everyone is ready for the next event, nothing is missed, and we avoid awkward moments.

It’s fulfilling to have a full dance floor after dinner because we love music!  On your big day, there is just so much that needs to be done other than filling the dance floor.  Hire a Maximum Music wedding DJ to help ensure it all happens smoothly.

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