“Do I need dance lights?” “What about a subwoofer?” “Should I hire a second DJ?”  The’s lots to decide when trying to determine what you need on your wedding day.  You’re wedding DJ equipment is just another one of those decisions.  But we can help!  We’ve been doing this a long time and we think less is more.  This is your wedding reception, not a nightclub.

This may go against the popular message of many other DJ services, but you need to consider what will be memorable in the months and years after your wedding.  More than likely, it will be a beautiful ceremony, a delicious dinner, heartfelt and concise speeches, a touching first dance, and then dances with parents. Then, of course, the awesome party!  This is where you’ll have time to relax and enjoy the company of all your friends and family that have given of their time to come and celebrate with you.  Having lots of extra wedding DJ equipment (different party lights, trusses, extra speakers, etc.) is not going to be what you remember.

We strongly believe in delivering an unforgettable experience while being as discrete as possible. The main two pieces of equipment we use are an advanced DJ controller and a laptop. Often time, we can link into a venue’s sound system and eliminate many of the additional equipment like extra speakers.  This allows us to set up a single table in the background of the event with everything needed.  Then we can get the party started!  We prefer to be kept out of sight, out of mind.  This is your party – not ours!  At Maximum Music, we truly want you to have the best night of your life.   You should remember all the perfect details – not the flashy DJ who took up too much space or was always on the microphone.  Get in touch and let’s help you get the right wedding DJ equipment.

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