First, look at your culture and traditional music.  Portuguese will play Fado during dinner and if you are Eastern European then look out for polkas.   If you are fortunate enough to have Spanish or Latin blood then salsa and merengue will be on your dance list.  Are you Caribbean?  If so then some Calypso, Reggaeton, Dancehall or Chutney music might be appropriate.  Indian? So much great music from Bollywood plus the Punjabi, Goan and Bhangra styles might be what you like.

Looking for a performance or participation dancing?

If you are Chinese maybe lion dancers are a fun addition.  Persian or Arabic couples will often include a belly dancer for entertainment.  Jewish couples will incorporate the hora into dancing.  Greek aunts and uncles like a pig dance or bread dance and if you are Serbian a Kola is a must. Filipinos have a traditional money dance. And there are some great Toronto options for artistic and creative performances like aerialists or caricature artist for cocktails.

A recent favourite comes from the people at TI Bots, where they will have a robot show up during the party and take it to the next level with lights, lasers and CO2 cannons.

Want to engage the guests during dinner?

We have seen creative kissing games and having the couple play a shoe game back to back on the dance floor during dinner is a fun way to learn more about the couple and to see if they know each other.  So who is the better driver?

Sometimes there are centrepieces to give away.  We can help with that and have the guests pass a napkin left and right around the dinner table to a poem or award the centerpiece to the guest at the table with the birthday closest to your wedding date.

Do a Google search or reach out to us and we will help guide you to a reception that is uniquely yours and a reflection of your personalities, cultures and music taste.

Fun and Classy.  Yes you can have both!

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