“The music I love is not mainstream or danceable!”

You love metal, rap or acoustic coffeehouse covers, your partner loves Backstreet Boys and current Top 40.  Your families are Indian and Croatian and your parents want some traditional music. You grew up in or near Toronto listening to FLOW, 103.5 or CFNY.

Tough spot to be in but this is the reality of ALL our weddings.  Toronto weddings are a fusion of cultures and musical tastes.

A proper wedding DJ like our team at Maximum Music will work with you to design a wedding soundtrack that will cover all the bases and we will work with you on strategies to manage expectations of those old skool aunts and uncles that think polkas are cool.

There is a time and place in the day for all the music you need to satisfy the diverse guest list that is your friends and family.  You may need to compromise a bit but you do not need to “sell out” and become a typical cookie cutter wedding reception.  Yes, I have been a guest at one of those and it sucked.

Your wedding and reception music is as unique as you are and we want it to be a reflection of your personalities and tastes.

There will be different types of music at different times during your wedding day including your guilty pleasure of old Brittany Spears being played after 11:00 pm.  This should be part of your plan and never a need to panic or think that our DJ has gone rogue.

Compromise. If you have not had to deal with that yet, welcome to wedding planning.

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