Below is a real email to a real 2018 wedding at Graydon Hall Manor. If these are their questions, there is a good chance some of them may be your questions as well!  By publishing them, we hope it will help you decide if we are a good fit for your wedding.
Rod here, owner of Maximum Music

I will put answers after your questions that I have made bold italic.  It is hard to condense it all into a sentence or paragraph.  I am confident that my unbiased approach to assigning the best DJ to each wedding works and that our system of having Suzanne and me in the office to manage and curate the details for our DJ is the best model in our industry.   This will be one part of your day and you will not need to worry about it. We will be your best value!

Call me and we can discuss. (647) 549-6642


1. Will you be doing any beat matching at the wedding?  If so, is it possible to hear an example of a live mix that was done in the past?

Some of our DJs come from a club background and are very proficient beat mixers while others are better at just blending the songs and will not be super technical.   I find out what each of our couples is looking for and make sure to match the right DJ for the room as some couples do not want beat mixing and find that the shortened songs annoying.

2. Do you have an Omni-directional lapel mic for our officiant?

No, we have not had success with lapel microphones and if your ceremony is in the garden at Graydon Hall we cannot put a speaker out there anyway (no DJ is allowed).  In my opinion, to have the sound come from a speaker and not the person speaking sounds weird and puts technology where it should just be an intimate exchange of vows between the couple. (There are times when we provide a handheld cordless mic, and I can better evaluate your situation in a phone call if you like)

3. Where do you get your music?  Is it all from iTunes?

We subscribe to a music service called Multi Music. This company has provided our base library and we receive updates every 2 weeks.  We fill in the gaps using iTunes if a song is not released on our music service or if there are specific cultural or ethnic songs we need.

4. What sort of experience do your DJs have?  Is it self-taught, or do they have some formal education?

There have been attempts in Toronto at a “DJ School”, but that does not make a successful DJ in my opinion.   All of the “good” DJ’s that I have ever worked with have been mentored and have practiced for hours.  (None of our DJs will “practice” at your wedding.)  There is a big difference between a club DJ and a wedding DJ.  You can be good at both, but, in my experience, a wedding DJ needs much more people skills, less ego, and that’s something that cannot be taught.  I am confident that I have chosen great DJs and great people and that is why Graydon has recommended us since they opened. (No one else can boast that fact!)

5. Do you have any backup equipment?  If so, what sort of equipment do you have?

A backup laptop at each event, our speakers have built-in power supply and amplification so there is redundancy there.  A backup mic on-site, and me or one of our team is available as a backup should the person not be able to perform, or have any issues and need some technical help.  Many of our photos come from me visiting weddings on a busy night!

6. Do you have an unedited video clip of you MC’ing a wedding grand entrance?

Not really.   We do not shoot videos much at our events because our clients ask for privacy. We have a few cell phone videos on our YouTube page and what clients and professional videographers have given us.  There are about 40 videos on our YouTube channel.  The video on our homepage at has lots of footage of an introduction at Graydon Hall in 2015 that was shared with us by a very happy client!  Some of the most successful receptions we do have a combination of the DJ and someone from the bridal party or family share MC duties. It blends personalized heartfelt speaking from one of your people with us being able to fill in the gaps that might include introductions and everything after dancing starts.  There are as many examples of how people plan receptions as there are weddings we have done.  All are a little bit different!

7. Could you provide us with a recent outline/timeline that you prepared for a wedding?

We work with the outline and timeline that you create with your wedding planner and/or your venue contact.  We’ve got a detailed wedding planning form and music request list builder on our website, but it is not a “once size fits all”.  We’ll work with you to make sure that the music is fitting to the different parts of your reception.

Each wedding files include your guest requests, your requests, the schedule, and info on the show report that I create from the information we collect.  This level of detail allowed the couple to have an excellent night and NOT feel like they had to micro-manage details.  In my opinion, this is an awesome snapshot and very representative of what we need to do our part in creating a successful wedding and reception.

8. What lights will you be setting up for the dance floor? Is it customizable?

We do not bring lights to Graydon, they ask us not to do this.   Occasionally, we have done LED up lights or simple dance floor lights but frankly, they can look cheesy in there and if the room is full, they can get in the way.  If you are interested in lights, then let’s talk about it and decide what is a good fit for you and your venue. Here is a link to a Facebook photo album with our lighting.

9. What music do the DJs have the most experience with?

To work for Maximum Music they have to be good at everything but, if you have a specific taste that is a bit more obscure, I will take that into account when assigning your DJ.

10. Can you send a picture of what your DJ set-up looks like at a wedding? 

Here is a link to a Facebook photo album that has random DJ setups at different venues

There are many more photo albums on our Facebook page but it is basically a DJ controller and laptop with speakers on tripods.  Nothing over the top and we try not to look cluttered.   We have a lot of photo albums on Facebook, and also lots of great information on Instagram and Pinterest.

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