Plan for success – your wedding day itinerary

Even if you are the most relaxed couple in the world and are planning a wedding without the formal speeches and all those wedding games it is still important to have a plan that pulls it all together.

You can hire a wedding planner, work with your venue coordinator or catering manager, or appoint a friend. The main thing is that day of your wedding you do not want to be micromanaging the details and if you have a plan that has been shared with all the key players you will not have any of us tapping you on the shoulder during dinner and asking who is supposed to speak next.


There are items that cannot move so plot them first, ceremony, photos and dinner.  Consult your wedding professional and see what they recommend as best practices.  Depending on your requirements and vision they will help you design and plot out these parts of your day.

Once these parts are in place you can fill in the details and transitions like getting ready, lunch and travel times.

Now you are ready for music and your DJ/MC.  Think back to weddings you attended and pick out what you like and ditch the stuff you did not like.  Do you want the first dances and parent dances?  Do you want to be introduced to the room with a wrestling theme song or keep it more low-key?  Will there be speeches and if so when and how many?  You know your family and friends, can you keep them to 5 minutes or will they go rogue and talk for half an hour?

Slide show?  Seems like a nice touch but it requires a lot of prep work and will need time to happen and there will be costs for projector and screen plus adding equipment (clutter) to your wedding and reception space.

Shoe game, centrepiece game, kissing game?  We see 50/50 on this in recent years.  Many couples are cutting these out as they move to a more efficient dinner so they can cut loose and party.

We have worked for many couples where the dancing does not start till 11:00 pm and for some, this is by design as the speeches, meal, and slide show are the priority for the day and dancing is secondary.  For some couples they “thought” they would be dancing by 9:00 pm but no one took the time to help them realistically plot how long each component would take and if there are any delays the dancing is what will ultimately suffer as most venues are contracted for dancing to 1:00 am regardless of when you start to party.

With over 30 years experience our team has seen it all and are happy to work with you and discuss the realities of how long different components of your reception will realistically take. We have a detailed reception planner and my wife Suzanne and I will work with you to build your day so that you have exactly what you want with no surprises.

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