How long should my first dance be and my parent dances be?

Have you been a guest at a wedding when the first dance took 4 minutes then the bride danced with her dad to a full song and then the groom and his mom danced a song and before you know it 12 minutes have passed?

The premise of this post is that yes, you should have a first dance and you should honour your parent with a dance. But, you can be efficient with your use of time and keep all the emotion and significance and get some great pictures.

If you are into a choreographed first dance or a mashup that starts romantic and turns into a rap battle that is cool and probably reflects your personalities and is therefore important.

If you are like me then these dances are something to get done so the party can start.

Get ‘er done!  Have your first dance for 3 to 4 minutes, it’s your day, take your time.  For the parent dance have one of you start with your parent then your partner can come forward with their parent after a minute and join in.  After another minute invite the guests to join you and BAM. … dances are done, photos taken and people are on the dance floor in 7 minutes or less.

Need to be more formal?  Keep the separate dances with each parent but let us help you choose shorter songs or create shortened edits of your parents favourite song that is less than 3 minutes.

Want to get to the party quick after dinner?  Do your first dance when you are introduced than when your parent comes up to give their speech or toast you dance with them then, during dinner.

All these things help keep you on schedule and keep those special moments.

I work full time at Maximum Music to help coach you as you build your wedding day plan and the soundtrack that will accompany you.  I will talk with every couple in the weeks before your wedding to run through from beginning to end and make sure the reception is set up to succeed.

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