Sometimes couples feel it is strange to deal with us in the office when someone else will be their DJ at the reception.  After 30 years and 10,000 + weddings, I am confident that our system delivers the right result and I believe our reputation, reviews and recommendations confirm this.

Here are the 5 steps in our process!

1 – You find us and decide you like us best, you trust that we will work with you to make the reception music perfect.

2 – You spend some time thinking about how you want your reception to go, what music you like and what you expect from the DJ for MC work, introductions, games and general personality.  You work on our planning form and your music requests.

3 – Two months before your wedding I have asked and received commitments from our DJs to work and have matched your wedding with who on our team I believe to be best on every level to make the reception success.

4 – One to three weeks before the wedding once all the little details have been sorted, you have your planning forms submitted, itinerary ready for the day and music requests made I want to personally talk with you and run through from beginning to end to make sure we have it all done right.

5 – Now, and only now, is the reception is ready to go

I am doing what I love – talking with couples and planning the reception with you. 

Your DJ is doing what they love – focused on delivering the music and not on detail gathering. 

The benefit to our system outweighs any real or perceived negatives.  You are dealing with a team that builds in training, networking, idea sharing, music programming and development within our staff.  You have a company with resources available to deal with any eventuality that may come up from back-up DJ to back up equipment.

In 30 years, here are reasons that assigning a DJ too far in advance has backfired;

1 – As we learn more about you, we might realize that we have a different DJ that is better suited to meet your specific requests

2 – We assigned someone early who was willing to commit to a date and not because they were the right one.

3 – Someone is committed to DJ on a date then their plans change and they are not available to DJ and a couple feels disappointment

4 – A referral to a specific DJ from a friend might have been good for them but not good for you.

5 – A DJ meets with a couple 6 months before the wedding then does not remember all the little details that were discussed or loses the napkin they were written on.

Trust us, let us do the work. Two months in advance our DJs commit to the dates, at that point all our DJs are OK with a phone call, video chat or coffee date to sit and chat about the actual music and details with you and the complete file is the reference to the conversation.

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