In many of these blog posts, I speak to the fact that a wedding DJ is a real thing and that not just any DJ should be trusted to work your wedding reception. We are like an iceberg that has 90% below the surface or that swan that glides across the water and all the frantic activity is invisible beneath the surface.

To me, the best reviews are from astute couples that realize that their successful reception is a result of what they DID NOT see happening. I see us as a medium to high-end service priced between $1400 and $1900 and at the weddings, we are hired for are usually in the $30,000 to $100,000 total budget range. At this scope, there is always a team of wedding professionals and you need us to be an efficient team working together to create the best outcome for you on your wedding day.

All your vendors have a motivation based on their specific role from the officiant getting you married to the beautiful flowers, delicious meal, gorgeous photos and/or video and for us, a great dance party. We love it when there is a wedding planner because to us, they are the boss. They are your advocate to keep things on schedule and to have your vision for the day realized.

In the absence of a wedding planner, your DJ is there to help keep the pace for the night and work with the catering and photographer so that everyone is ready for the next event and nothing is missed, and we avoid those awkward moments.

Yes, we LOVE music and it is fulfilling to have a full dance floor after dinner but to get there is so much that needs to be done.

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