When I started Maximum Music in 1987, we hardly ever played music for a wedding ceremony on site at a venue. It was at a church or someplace else and everyone arrived at the reception for the dinner and dance. Today that has flipped completely, and it is rare to NOT have the wedding ceremony on site at the venue you are having your reception at.

To me it just makes sense when traffic in Toronto sucks and time is precious it works to get everyone to one site and do everything there rather than asking guests to move around from site to site or having a big gap for photos in the afternoon between ceremony and reception.

The result is ceremony music at your venue and an officiant to marry you and how we work together will set the tone for an intimate and heartfelt exchange of vows.

First choice is live music, if you like the feel of live music the ceremony is the best place to incorporate it. Super classy to have a trio play for you or a harp to welcome guests then play a processional for you to come down the aisle.

If live music is not your thing then let us play the music for your ceremony and work with your officiant to know all the cues for register signing and recessional.

Your DJ is versatile and will keep it formal at the beginning and then celebrate at the end with something fun like “Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder or whatever you choose. Some couples want to have a Beatles theme to their ceremony, and we can do that with the real songs and not covers.

Microphone… I have said it in other blogs, and I will repeat it here. I do not like a mic in a ceremony. To me it is putting technology where it does not belong and will live forever in your wedding photos. Unless your officiant is comfortable and competent with a microphone, they often do not hold it in a way that picks up the voices and it is a waste. Lavalier or clip on mics have been nothing but a disappointment to us as they never pick up the voice in the real world the way you see it on TV.

If you NEED a mic then we will do it but give some thought as to who the wedding is for. It is for YOU. You are talking to each other and sharing your love and making your commitment to each other and that is personal between the two of you. Your important friends and family are at the front and will hear you. If your work and university buddies at the back can’t hear that is OK, they get the idea and frankly, they are there for the party anyways.

Logistically, we tend to setup at the back of the ceremony so that we are not in the guest line of site to the front and remember to include us when planning with your venue as we will need access to power and a small table to set up on.

Want to talk about your ceremony? Reach out to us and we can discuss the pros and cons of a microphone and pick out some great songs for before, during and after your ceremony. If you are getting messages from your family, officiant or venue that you need a mic then let’s have the conversation and see if it is right for you. While we are talking officiants, here are a few of our favourites that specialize in ceremonies onsite at venues. Sarah Bunnett-GibsonEnduring Promises and The Marrying Lady have been serving the Toronto wedding community for years and always get it right!

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