At the time of writing this, Late November 2020, Toronto is back in lockdown and weddings are on hold for the future.  We were fortunate to work from August to Mid-October with some couples that proceeded on a modified plan for their wedding and we developed some protocols for DJing weddings that we will be applying to our future events.

1 – Planning remains contact free.  There are no situations that require us to meet face to face in the run up to your wedding.  We will do everything by email, call or video chat and as always, our detailed online reception planning and music request system will make sure you think of everything.

2 – Healthy and happy DJ. If your DJ is required to quarantine or is not feeling well we will always have a backup available that is healthy and ready to make your reception a success!  Also, if a DJ is not comfortable working, for any reason, we have an amazing team that will step up and make it happen so everything is perfect.

3 – Masks at events. Your DJ will wear a mask and observe social distancing at all times.

4 – Contactless requests. Having a clipboard at the DJ booth will let guests write us notes and write out requests.  Our DJs are also happy to share their cell info so that requests can be made by text.

5 – Dedicated microphone for your use and cleaning between speeches. Our DJ will have their personal microphone at the DJ table and a dedicated cordless microphone and stand for your use.  We will wipe down the microphone to sanitize it between speeches.

6 – Manage dancing and socializing.  Our experience has been that the DJ, through the choice of songs and the volume levels, can control the energy in the room without having to be heavy handed and on the microphone making warnings and reading rules.

7 – Work with your vendor team. Now more than ever we are working as part of the team that will make your wedding and reception perfect.  Your venue will not have to worry about the DJ going off script and causing any problems or disruptions.

Moving forward, if there are new best practices that evolve we will work with our couples to  do our part to ensure safe and successful receptions. We want you to be confident working with Maximum Music.  We know you want a fun and safe environment for your friends and family and we will deliver when you are ready to party.




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