Some DJ services promote how long they have been in business and years of experience.  Other DJs say that they are young and hip and will understand you because they are active in clubs and the new music scene. Why choose when you can have both!  Maximum Music blends 30 years of experience (25 of them in the wedding industry) with the enthusiasm of newer DJs on our team.  We have both the knowledge, and excitement to bring you everything you are looking for on your wedding day. Hire an enthusiastic and experienced wedding DJ with Maximum Music!

Our experienced team managing things in the office is here for you every step of the way.  We have developed a wonderful client area where you get to provide us with all your wedding details.  This is where you can submit song requests, share your vision, and provide all the nitty-gritty details to our team.  Once this is complete, we share this with the DJ we have matched to your wedding.  This system allows your DJ to focus on what keeps them excited while our expert staff ensures nothing gets missed.  This is really the best of both worlds.  Precision planning mixed with passionate DJs. At your reception is where our DJs will shine and take your wedding over the finish line.  Have a perfect party that will be memorable for years to come.

You want the best for your wedding day.  There is lots of different decision you have to make, catering, flowers, hair and makeup, clothing choices, wedding party, oh my!  When you hire Maximum Music, you really get the best of both worlds.  between our office staff and our team of DJs working at weddings, you will be getting both an enthusiastic and experienced wedding DJ.  Contact us today and see how our system blends these two qualities perfectly.

There are hundreds of ways to thank your guests on your wedding day. One of them, is by giving wedding favours. Wedding favours are small gifts of love and appreciation that the guests get from the bride and groom. It is a very old (and creative) tradition. The first wedding favours were given to European aristocrats and the gifts were called bonbonniere. Do you need a wedding favour idea?  Check out some of our favorite suggestions below!

Tea Towels – Those who love to work in the kitchen will also love this wedding favour idea.  They will enjoy the fancy tea towels that will also remind them of the great time that had on your special day. You can get a professional calligrapher to design it for you!

Tasty Bars – An amazing way of showing love to your guests is by giving them sweet and tasty candy bars and treats. When it comes to sweet treats, there are so many options for you! You can add lollipops, candy, and chocolates, oh my!

Polaroid Pictures – With each passing day, the use of polaroid is reducing. Bring back the old but not yet forgotten tradition of Polaroid pictures! Encourage your guests to take plenty of pictures during your wedding. Give them the pictures as wedding favors and also keep some of the pictures yourself for the wedding guest book.

Pumpkins – Pumpkins are an excellent wedding favour idea if you are having a fall wedding. During those days, you can easily find miniature pumpkins in different colours too. Your guests can take them back and use them as decoration items.

Garden seeds – If you are having an outdoor wedding or a farm theme one, then an excellent wedding favour idea is garden seeds. You will be doing your environment a great favour too! The seeds that you give as a token of appreciation, will one day bloom into beautiful flowers! And when guests see those flowers, it will remind them of your wedding day.

Small Plants – If seeds aren’t a great option (maybe you know not all guests will have a place to plant them) gift your guests a small plant or herbs. Set up large tables during your reception, and place all the plants on a table.  Put small cards in them where you thank your guests for coming to your wedding.

Hangover kits – If you and your partner are planning to have a wild and crazy night, then offer your guests hangover kits as wedding favors. There is nothing wrong with being a bit adventurous, but many of your guests will hesitate because of the fear of having a hangover.  If you use this wedding favour idea, they will have no reason not to party hard with you all night long.

Musical Gift – You can have a separate event for this wedding favour idea. Give your guests customized musical instruments like bells, maracas, or tambourines. Get your names printed or maybe a favourite quote that showcases you and your partner’s unique style. You can also ask your guests to play the instrument on your wedding day.

Cookie Jar – Do you love baking? Are you an expert in baking cookies? Then it is time to put your talent into action with this wedding favour idea. You can bake some tasty cookies and put them in small jars! If you don’t have time to DIY this, put all the ingredients and the recipe in the jars and give them to your guests to make themselves!

Coffee Love – Many people these days love to drink coffee! Put coffee beans in small satchels or wrap them in customized napkins to give to your guests. It is a cheap wedding favour and your guests will love it.

If you like any of these suggestions or have your own wedding favour idea, reach out and we can start planning your reception together!

There will be several moments during the wedding planning where you just want to give up. And that’s totally normal! Wedding planning can be stressful and exhausting.  Just stay strong and deal with things one by one. Here are some common wedding planning problems that everyone in your shoes will face, along with a solution to each of them!

The Ideal Location

You want to find a location that accommodates all your guests. But no matter how hard you try; you won’t be able to make everyone happy.  The bottom line, some of your guests simply won’t be able to make it no matter where you host your wedding.

Solution: Pick a venue that seems the best to you, while keeping all factors in mind.  Tell your guests the reason you selected the venue you did, and those who want to come will understand.

Your Fiancé(e) Isn’t Helping Out

One of the most common wedding planning problems that a lot of couples face is that one person isn’t helping the other.  To be honest, both of you probably aren’t passionate, or excited about ALL parts of the planning process.  Maybe one of you is, and that’s great! But if not, there is still a way to make sure everything gets done.

Solution: Figure out what makes each of you excited in the planning process.  Once you have a conversation and know what the other person is passionate about you can divide and concur the list as a team.  You should be planning your wedding together, isn’t that what a marriage is all about?

Kid or Adults?

This will get your head spinning. You and your partner may want to have an adult-only reception. What about the kids of your sister’s kids or your best friend’s baby? If they can’t leave their kids at home, then how will they make it to your wedding?

Solution: Take some time and think about it and understand what is important to YOU. Maybe you need to come up with a way that benefits both you and the guests. You can make a separate play area for the kids or have a “childcare” room available with entertainment just for the kids. The little ones will play there, while their parents can easily attend the reception.

The Plus-one Problem

You invite 3 people from a family and on the wedding day, they show up as 4.  Maybe you plan an adult-only ceremony, some guests still bring their kids thinking they will blend in.  Someone believes their SO is invited and they RSVP together, but you never invited their partner.

Solution: Be very clear, and respectable on the invitation who the invite is for, who it is not for, and how many people you are inviting with that invitation.  If you are offering a kid area, mention that in the invitation so there is no confusion. But whatever you do, be transparent so you know everyone is on the same page.

Uncooperative Bridal Party

This can be one of the biggest wedding planning problems.  It’s hard because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings especially if it’s people who are close to you!  Choosing the right bridal party is one of the most important factors in planning your wedding. Some people don’t help a lot and you ask them to be your bridesmaid just because you are close with them. Sometimes people can get too involved in the planning process and disturb you in your decision-making.

Solution:  This is something you must choose by yourself or with the help of your partner. Ask those people to be standing up with you who are cooperative and close to you.  These are the two main qualities of a perfect bridal party member.  Try to tell all of them to not take anything personally.  Wedding planning can sometimes be a lot of hard conversations but the people closest to you will understand and support you no matter where they are seated on your big day.