At the time of writing this, late February 2021, Toronto weddings are on hold for the future so for 2021 we are offering a flexible DJ package since we do not know what sort of restrictions we might be under for gatherings and our team really wants to get back to work. The most common concern from our couples when enquiring for 2021 is not feeling confident to make deposits for weddings this year when so much is uncertain.

We are introducing a transferable AND refundable deposit as a no risk COVID option.

What services are included with this Package:
  • We are offering a special rate of $800 + HST for new 2021 weddings to comply with gathering restrictions of 50 guests or less and limited dancing with a 11pm or earlier music finish time.
  • We will DJ your ceremony, play music for cocktails, dinner and your first dances and continue with music no later than 11pm.
  • If you book our full service at $1299 + HST and are forced to downsize your guest list and remove dancing because of gathering restrictions we will reduce your fee to the micro wedding rate.
  • The deposit is 100% transferable to any date.
  • The deposit is 100% refundable if you decide to not proceed because of gathering restrictions.
  • This offer will last while we are under gathering restrictions.
  • This package is exclusive to new 2021 bookings.
  • If your wedding moves to 2022 or a date after restrictions are lifted the fee will go to our regular price or the deposit will be refunded.

Sound good?  Enter your info below👇 to get started and when you submit it will take you to our rates page.

Now let’s talk about safety protocols for when we are working with you at your wedding.  We were fortunate to work from August to Mid-October with some couples that proceeded on a modified plan for their wedding and we developed some protocols for DJing weddings that we will be applying to our future events.

1 – Planning remains contact free.  There are no situations that require us to meet face to face in the run up to your wedding.  We will do everything by email, call or video chat and as always, our detailed online reception planning and music request system will make sure you think of everything.

2 – Healthy and happy DJ. If your DJ is required to quarantine or is not feeling well we will always have a backup available that is healthy and ready to make your reception a success!  Also, if a DJ is not comfortable working, for any reason, we have an amazing team that will step up and make it happen so everything is perfect.

3 – Masks at events. Your DJ will wear a mask and observe social distancing at all times.

4 – Contactless requests. Having a clipboard at the DJ booth will let guests write us notes and write out requests.  Our DJs are also happy to share their cell info so that requests can be made by text.

5 – Dedicated microphone for your use and cleaning between speeches. Our DJ will have their personal microphone at the DJ table and a dedicated cordless microphone and stand for your use.  We will wipe down the microphone to sanitize it between speeches.

6 – Manage dancing and socializing.  Our experience has been that the DJ, through the choice of songs and the volume levels, can control the energy in the room without having to be heavy handed and on the microphone making warnings and reading rules.

7 – Work with your vendor team. Now more than ever we are working as part of the team that will make your wedding and reception perfect.  Your venue will not have to worry about the DJ going off script and causing any problems or disruptions.

Moving forward, if there are new best practices that evolve we will work with our couples to  do our part to ensure safe and successful receptions. We want you to be confident working with Maximum Music.  We know you want a fun and safe environment for your friends and family and we will deliver when you are ready to party.

Below is a real email to a real 2018 wedding at Graydon Hall Manor. If these are their questions there is a good chance some of them may be your questions as well, and by publishing them will help you qualify if we are a good fit for your wedding.
Rod here, owner of Maximum Music

I will put answers after your questions that I have made bold italic.  It is hard to condense it all into a sentence or paragraph.  I am confident that my unbiased approach to assigning the best DJ to each wedding works and that our system of having Suzanne and I in the office to manage and curate the details for our DJ is the best model in our industry.   This will be one part of your day and you will not need to worry about. We will be your best value!

Call me and we can discuss. (647) 549-6642


1. Will you be doing any beat matching at the wedding?  If so, is it possible to hear an example of a live mix that was done in the past?

Some of our DJ’s come from a club background and are very proficient beat mixers and others are better to just blend the songs well and not be super technical.   I find out what each of our couples is looking for and make sure to match the right DJ for the room as some couples do not want beat mixing and find that the shortened songs is annoying.

2. Do you have an Omni-directional lapel mic for our officiant?

No, we have not had success with lapel microphones and if your ceremony is in the garden at Graydon Hall we cannot put a speaker out there anyway (no DJ is allowed).  In my opinion, to have the sound come from a speaker and not the person speaking sounds weird and is putting technology where it should just be an intimate exchange of vows between the couple. (There are times when we provide a hand held cordless mic and I can better evaluate your situation in a phone call if you like)

3. Where do you get your music?  Is it all from iTunes?

We subscribe to a music service called Multi Music. This company has provided our base library and we receive updates every 2 weeks.  We fill in the gaps using iTunes if a song is not released on our music service or if there are specific cultural or ethnic songs we need.

4. What sort of experience do your DJ’s have, is it self-taught or do they have some formal education?

There have been attempts in Toronto at a “DJ School” but that does not make a successful DJ in my opinion.   All of the “good” DJ’s that I have ever worked with have been mentored and have practiced for hours.  (None of our DJs will “practice” at your wedding.)  There is a big difference between a club DJ and a wedding DJ.  You can be good at both but in my experience a wedding DJ needs much more people skills less ego and that is also something that cannot be taught.  I am confident that I have chosen great DJs and great people and that is why Graydon has recommended us since they opened. (No one else can boast that fact)

5. Do you have any back-up equipment?  If so, what sort of equipment do you have?

Back up laptop at each event, our speakers have built in power supply and amplification so there is a redundancy there.  Back up mic on site and me or one of our team is available as back up should the person not be able to perform or have any issues and need some technical help.  Many of our photos come from me visiting weddings on a busy night.

6. Do you have an unedited video clip of you MC’ing a wedding grand entrance?

Not really.   We do not shoot video much at our events because our clients ask for privacy. We have a few cell phone videos on our YouTube page and what clients and professional videographers have given us.  There are about 40 videos on our YouTube channel.  The video on our homepage at has lots of footage of an introduction at Graydon Hall in 2015 that was shared with us by a very happy client!  Some of the most successful receptions we do have a combination of the DJ and someone from the bridal party or family share MC duties. It blends personalized heart felt speaking from one of your people with us being able to fill in the gaps that might include introductions and everything after dancing starts.  There are as many examples of how people plan receptions as there are weddings we have done.  All are a little bit different.

7. Could you provide us with a recent outline / timeline that you prepared for a wedding?

We work with the outline and timeline that you create with your wedding planner and/or your venue contact.  We do have a detailed wedding planning form and music request list builder on our website but it is not a “once size fits all”.  We will work with you to make sure that the music is fit to the different parts of your reception.

Each wedding files include your guest requests, your requests, the schedule and info on the show report that I create from the information we collect.  This level of detail allowed the couple to have an excellent night and NOT feel like they had to micro manage details.  In my opinion this is an awesome snap shot and very representative of what we need to do our part in creating a successful wedding and reception.

8. What lights will you be setting up for the dance floor? Is it customizable?

We do not bring lights to Graydon, they ask us not to do this.   Occasionally we have done LED up lights or simple dance floor lights but frankly, they can look cheesy in there and if the room is full, they can get in the way.  If you are interested in lights then let’s talk about it and decide what is a good fit for you and your venue. Here is a link to a Facebook photo album with our lighting.

9. What music does the DJ’s have the most experience with?

To work for Maximum Music they have to be good at everything but if you have a specific taste that is a bit more obscure I will take that into account when assigning your DJ.

10. Can you send a picture of what your DJ set-up looks like at a wedding? 

Here is a link to a Facebook photo album that has random DJ setups at different venues

There are many more photo albums on our Facebook page but it is basically a DJ controller and laptop with speakers on tripods.  Nothing over the top and we try not to look cluttered.   We have a lot of photo albums on Facebook and also lots of great information on Instagram and Pinterest.

4 Tips to get your wedding planning off to a great start

I’ve been seeing tons of engagement announcements coming up on my Facebook feed, followed by a flood of private messages that usually go something like this:

“Just got engaged! I have no idea where or how to start planning my wedding, HELP!!”

Chances are many of you have never planned a wedding before, and probably have the same question so here is my advice for newly engaged couples to get your wedding planning off to a great start!

1. Organize

Write things down! This is the easiest way to keep yourself organized right out of the gate. Talk with your partner, come up with a list of things that need to be done before the big day arrives. Decide which items need to be taken care of now, and which can be put off until later. You can always re-organize this list as you go.

Consider using a colour coded system. Go out and get yourself a new monthly planner, one specifically for wedding planning tasks, appointments and due dates. Assigning a different colour for each vendor will make it easy to look ahead and see what’s coming up. This may feel like a lot of work but you will thank yourself for it when your agenda starts filling up.

Get started early. Being proactive and getting things started early will go a long way to help reduce any stress during wedding planning. Getting some of the less exciting things done and out of the way early will free you up to spend more time of the fun parts like dress shopping and cake tasting!

Keep your ideas in one place. We’ve all had that experience of seeing a perfect idea somewhere, and then completely loosing track of where we saw it, right? Save yourself that headache by making a dedicated folder on your computer, or a Pinterest board where you can save all of your wedding ideas in one place. Having all of your ideas and inspiration in one place makes planning easy, and sharing your ideas with your vendors couldn’t be easier!

Make a plan to plan. The only way all of this comes together is by actually sitting down and doing it, so schedule time to focus on your wedding plans. This will help keep your plans from getting behind schedule and keeps you from scrambling to get things done at the last minute.

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2. Budget, Guest List, Venue, Date

Set your budget first, this will dictate everything and should be done early. The next thing you should do is come up with a rough guest list, having an idea of the number of guests will narrow down your venue search drastically. Once you’ve set your budget, and have a rough guest list outlined, you should set a date range for you wedding. 

With your budget set, guest list outlined and some dates in mind, you can start seeking out venues. Once you’ve found a venue that fits your vision, a specific date can be set based on when the venue is available.

3. Decide on a Style

Choose the style of ceremony and reception that you and your partner would like to have. Deciding whether you want a formal dinner or food stations, a DJ or a live band etc, will have a big impact on who you hire, so it’s very important to do this before you start looking at vendors.

  • Note : There is some debate about whether this should be done before or after you’ve selected a venue. After all, your reception style could be a big factor in deciding which venue you choose, so you may want to have at least an idea of your reception style when looking at venues.

4. Find Your Vendors

This is a big day that you will look back on for the rest of your life, and you want it to be perfect! Achieving this means hiring experts with the skill and experience to make it that much more memorable. In Toronto there are tons of wedding vendors and finding the right ones can be a stressful, difficult task. Here are a few tips to help make finding your perfect wedding vendors easier on you and your partner.

The key to finding your perfect wedding vendors can be summed up in one word, research! A great place to start is referrals from family and friends. Particularly those who have experience planning their own wedding, or hiring vendors for other events. Find out who they’ve used in the past and what they liked or didn’t like about their experience.

Comb through online wedding directories or click on and, making note of those that strike you. Pay attention to reviews on these sites as this is the best place to look for unfiltered feedback from real clients. Also visit their official websites and social media pages to get an idea of the quality of their work.

Wedding expos and open houses can be another good way to meet potential suppliers first hand. Just remember it’s always a good idea to research them online as well, to see real customer feedback and reviews.

After some rigorous research you should start seeing or hearing the same names pop up over and over. Make a short list, for example 3 or 4 from each service you’ll need and call or email them. After communicating with them you’ll undoubtedly have a few favourites. Discuss with them your plans and expectations, and before long you’ll know who fits you and who doesn’t!

When is comes to weddings, a good vendor is one who knows what to do but is also flexible to your vision, so pick someone who understands you, someone who understands your vision and shares your excitement for it.

It’s been said that knowing who the right vendors are is like picking out a mate. Stick with someone you can count on, can communicate well with, and who will help you reach your dreams.

Thanks for reading, and happy planning!

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Cheryl & Kent met during their time at university together at Wilfred Laurier (where they both majored in Math). 11 years later, on their anniversary they were married at the Arcadian Court Loft. Cheryl and Kent had been to dozens of weddings during their relationship, and both knew exactly what they did and did not want.

“What we did want was a huge party with our closest friends and none of the traditional stuff – no speeches, no bouquet toss and most importantly lots of dancing”

First dance song
Baby I’m Yours – Arctict Monkeys

Music Genre Requests
50’s / 60’s Rock & Roll
70’s / 80’s Rock & Roll
Motown / Funk
Current Top 40
Current / Indie / Blues Rock
90’s R&B, Hip Hop, Urban

Venue : Arcadian Loft

Catering : Oliver & Bonacini

Hair & Makeup : Eryn Shannon

Dress : The Brides Project

Tux : Surmesur

Cake : Dufflet Pastries

Dessert : Prairie Girl Bakery

If you’re familiar with Vitamin String QuartetThe Piano GuysBrooklyn Duo and the like then you already know why these songs make such amazing cocktail hour and dinner music for your wedding.

For the uninitiated, here’s why.

Groups like Vitamin String Quartet cover well known songs from all different genres in traditional string group style, making them perfect for cocktail receptions and dinner music because of their classy, non-intrusive sound.

With the added cool factor of someone inevitably recognizing a song they love and saying, “Wait a minute, is this….?”

So, if you’re looking for a classy and elegant feel with an added twist, this list is definitely for you! This list is a real wedding playlist requested by Adam and Frank, a same sex couple that were married at The Storys Building, a beautiful wedding venue in downtown Toronto.

Listen to the full list on our YouTube playlist!

Find more great playlists like this one, and lots of other wedding music planning ideas in our Reception Planning area.

Thanks for reading and happy planning!

Trish Quan and John Kantor were married at, the beautiful, Storys Building in August of 2017. Their spectacular night was accompanied by music from Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and much more. They had a taste for one of our more traditional wedding DJ’s and preferred the songs be played out, rather than mixed together. Until they hit the dance floor…..

Trish enjoys listening to Ed Sheeran, Taking Back Sunday, Linkin Park, and any throwback songs from the 1990’s and 2000’s.

John enjoys indie music; the XX, Ra Ra Riot, and more relaxed music like Bonobo, St. Germain, and Emancipator.

The 1st Dance song of choice was a cover of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect, performed by Tyler Ward & Lisa Cimorelli.

The father/bride and mother/groom dance perfectly set to More Than Words by Extreme.

Maximum DJ Roman was the man with music! Keeping this party going and making an unforgettable night for this amazing couple.

The night was accompanied by a unique kissing game that got the guests engaged. The introduction of the kissing menu kept everyone entertained. Show Us. Tell Us. Give us.

Venue Information

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto Entertainment DistrictStorys Building has held many top premiere parties, including for the Toronto International Film Festival.

This 170-year-old classic brick and beam building maintains the integrity of its original heritage while seamlessly integrating elements of progressive design to create a refreshing interpretation of modern Toronto. The building has over 14,000 square feet of event space over multiple floors, making it perfect for all occasions.

Other Vendors

Wedding Planner / Day-of Coordinator
Videographer   n/a
Other Vendor

Lesley Leung and Brian Nguyen were both 29 when they married at the gorgeous Graydon Hall Manor on June 7th, 2017. Their night was accompanied by music from Ed Sheeran, Elton John, and Rihanna.  They preferred their songs mixed together to keep the mood going and we couldn’t agree more!

There is no need to fight over the radio dial as they have the same taste in music. It consists of Beyonce, Drake, Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, the Weekend and other modern rap/pop artists.

The first dance was extremely special as it took outside with everyone surrounding the couple with sparklers.

First Dance – Ed Sheeran (How would you Feel)

Second Dance for Mother/groom Bride/Father – Elton John (Your Song)

Time to hit the dance floor with Everyone!  Rihanna – we found love

Venue Information

Toronto’s historic Graydon Hall Manor was constructed in 1936 and boasts a large ballroom for dancing, a terrace for cocktails, and dinner, and a gorgeous courtyard with an outdoor space for ceremonies and a fountain which is a popular area for group photos.

Our track record of professionalism and constantly great results has earned us a spot on the preferred vendors list for this exclusive venue.


“We were very happy with the services from maximum DJ. I liked how Rod gave us a call a few weeks before to work out the logistics. Everything went smoothly and the music was played exactly as we wanted”.

Other Vendors

Wedding Planner / Day-of  Coordinator
Blayre Ellestad

Karyn D’Souza and Ryan Faria and the stunning Guild Inn Estate in June of 2018. Their spectacular evening was accompanied by music from Queen, Stevie Wonder, and many other Icons. Their kissing game consisted of two options; Trivia about the couple or sing a love song. The DJ was asked to double as an MC as needed and Max DJ Tim was happy to provide.

First Dance Song – Lights (Journey) – Bride and Groom

Second Dance Song – A song for mama (Boys ll men) – Groom and Mom

Third Dance Song – Malika (Boney M) – Bride and Father

They were looking for a wedding DJ rather than a Club DJ and they came to the right place. We were happy to make sure their wedding was always in the desired mood with the right song at the right time.

There is no better feeling than a wedding that turns into a party that everyone gets to enjoy. This is a perfect example of how committed we are to communicate with the Bride and Groom. After using all of our provided wedding planning tools we can ensure that your night looks like this….

The event was tied together perfectly thanks to the collaboration between Maximum Music, Veronica Belle Events, and the Guild Inn Estates Team. The couple also had an amazing robot from Ti-Bots to complete this spectacular night.

Other Vendors

Wedding Planner / Day-of Coordinator

Some DJ services promote how long they have been in business and years of experience.  Other DJs say that they are young and hip and will understand you because they are active in clubs and the new music scene. Why choose when you can have both! I have worked as a DJ for 30 years and 25 of those years have been focused on weddings and maintaining a team of professional Wedding DJs that I trust 100%.

We have experience and enthusiasm in the office to be here for you at every step and make sure the music is planned perfectly and organized for your DJ.  Our DJs do not get bogged down in details but bring their experience and enthusiasm to the reception where they will shine and take your wedding over the finish line.

Have a perfect party that will be memorable for years to come catering to ALL your guests, so your vision of a fun reception is a reality.

Melini Gupta and Gautam Goel were married at the charming Steam Whistle Brewery on October 8th, 2017. Melini grew up in Montreal and Gautam in Vancouver. They developed their taste in music, as we all do, from the years in the club when they were younger. Their special night was complete with music from artists such as Drake, Calvin Harris, and Avicci.

The first dance was set to Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez

It began as just the bride and groom, halfway through they invited the bride’s father and groom’s mother to finish off the song.

They trusted our judgement in choosing the music and the timing for each song. They enjoy relaxing to rock and indie but love a good dance party with 2000’s EDM and pop. We could not agree more! They were also looking for one of our DJs that is comfortable as an MC and we were happy to provide.

Wedding Planner / Day-of Coordinator
Other Vendor