Not all DJs are created equal.  Many are great at their craft but may not be right for your wedding and reception.  There are many variables at receptions and like an iceberg, just 90% of what the best wedding DJ is doing is invisible to your guests. Here is what we believe separates the best wedding DJ from your average DJ.

10 Best Wedding DJ Traits

  1. Fast and Professional Responses: Your inquiries will be answered promptly from the first contact to end of the reception. You’ll never be left feeling ghosted.
  2. Staying Organized: Your DJ will have a clean and easy-to-understand system to collect and curate your details.  You know your DJ will be delivering exactly what you envisioned.
  3. Song Curating and Editing: The best wedding DJ will source all the songs you requested.  They will also take time to shorten or modify them for your dances too.
  4. Teamwork: Proper teamwork is key for a wedding.  Your DJ should be a part of a team focused on YOU!  They will be collaborating with your other vendors to bring your vision to life.
  5. Create a Flow: The best wedding DJ will also be weaving your musical tastes with that of your guests.  This is a learned skill that not all DJs have!
  6. MC Responsibilities:  If requested, the best wedding DJ will also have no problem being a great coach and/or supporting act to your MC.  Or they could also jump in and cover this role for you as well!
  7. Capture Every Photo: Your DJ will ensure the photographer is also ready for all your special moments.  This could be with proper announcements, or by working as a part of your vendor team.
  8. And Who’s on Deck?: Along with the photographer, they will also ensure anyone giving a speech is ready.  They will have everyone cued so they are all set when their introduction comes!
  9. Troubleshooting: The best wedding DJ has seen it all and they have a plan to deal with any misstep, or unexpected changes.  You won’t even know something went wrong!
  10. Taking Requests: Your DJ will need to be dealing with your friends and family who may also want the music to deviate from your vision.  It is important to make them feel valued and respected without the reception going off the rails.


Ensure you have the best wedding DJ for your big day!  Get in touch with Maximum Music, and see what we’re talking about.

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