After 30 years in the industry, we really have seen and heard it all.  Below is a list of what we consider to be the best centerpiece games to play at your reception!  These options will be fun for your guests, allow you to show your personality, and give someone the chance to take home a piece of your wedding in a really special way!

Closest Birthday Centerpiece Game – Usually an announcement made by the MC. The guest at each table whose birthday is closest to the wedding day wins the centerpiece.  This is one of our quickest centerpiece games if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on this part of your reception.

“Been together the longest” – Usually announced by the MC. The couple at each table who have been together the longest wins the centerpiece.  This is another one of our faster centerpiece games and is also pretty straightforward.

Pass The Toonie – The DJ asks all the guests to stand up and get 1 guest at each table to hold up a Toonie or a Loonie for this centerpiece game. He will then play a fun song like “The Twist” and tells the guests to pass the coin around the table until the music stops. When the music stops the guest holding the coin is “out” and the coin keeps going. The DJ starts and stops the music eliminating the guests until there is one guest left at each table holding the toonie. The DJ then announces that the guest holding the Toonie WINS THE TOONIE.  The guest who offered up the Toonie in the first place wins the centerpiece. This is one of those centerpiece games that really shocks everyone!

Sticker Winner – Place a sticker on the bottom of one guest’s teacup at each table, MC can announce to look for it and that guest wins the centerpiece!

The Salt and Peppers Game – You must have an open dance floor during dinner for this centerpiece game. The same set-up as pass the Toonie, the guests stand and one guest picks up the salt and one picks up the pepper. The DJ plays a fun song and the guests pass the salts and peppers in opposite directions around the table. When the music stops, the guests holding the salts and peppers and asked to come to the dance floor and line up facing each other in front of the Bride and Groom. The DJ will then announce that we are going to have a dancing competition!  This takes place between the Salts and the Peppers to a funny song like the Macarena or Gangnam Style, with the audience cheering them on. The Bride and Groom select whether the Salts or the Peppers wins the centerpiece.

The Number Draw – Have an envelope on each table with numbered cards for each person at the table (table of 8; use the number 1-8). At the appropriate time, the MC can ask the guests to draw a number from the envelope. The MC should also have an envelope of numbers and will draw a number as well.  That will be the winning number at each table for the centerpiece!

The Time Traveler – The DJ or MC asks one person from each table to stand up with their napkin. DJ plays a song, and asks those people to dance around the table.  Then they will also lead their table to the dance floor.

DJ / MC says “We are going to travel through time” and plays about 1 min of each song.
50’s Rock Around the Clock
60’s Twist Again
70’s Stayin’ Alive – BeeGees
80’s Thriller – Michael Jackson
90’s La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin
00 Promiscuous – Nelly Furtado & Timbaland – Full song plays and the winner is announced as the person who stood up and led their table to the dance floor!

This one takes a bit of time but is one of our favourite centerpieces games!

The Left / Right Game – The youngest person at the table will pick up their spoon. “I’m going to read a story out to you, listen carefully for me to say “left” or “right”. When you hear it you’ll have to pass the spoon along accordingly”. Whoever ends up with the spoon at the end, wins the centerpiece.

DJ / MC reads this (email us and we can send you a sample!)

The spoon should end up back with the same person who started it 🙂

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