Your wedding day is one that you will look back on for the rest of your life, and you want to make it perfect! Achieving this means hiring experts with the skill and experience to make it memorable. In Toronto, there are a ton of wedding vendors and finding the right ones can be a challenging and stressful experience.  Here are a few tips and insider information to find your perfect wedding vendors.

1. Do your research

The key to picking out your perfect team of wedding vendors can be summed up in one word, research. The best place to start is Google or Facebook.  Punch in whatever you’re looking for, like “Toronto wedding DJ” and dig through the results.  Also, Facebook and Google reviews tend to be from real clients.

Referrals from family, friends and co-workers are a great resourceparticularly those who have experience planning their own wedding or hiring vendors for other events. Find out whom they used and what they liked or didn’t like about their experience.  Smart couples trust advice of people with similar taste to themselves.

Insider tip #1- Wedding expos and open houses can be a good way to meet potential suppliers first hand. Just remember it’s always a good idea to research them online as well, to see real customer feedback and reviews.

2. Visit Official Websites and Wedding Vendor Directories

Remember to visit official websites and wedding directories like, and local blog sites like and take note of those that appeal to you. Pay more attention to sites that are unfiltered feedback from real clients and not just what they post about themselves on their website.

Insider tip #2-  When looking at wedding directories it’s important to keep in mind that listings labeled as “Top”, “Featured” or “Premium” Simply means these vendors are paying extra to be listed at top. Looking at numbers of reviews as well as average star ratings is a much better way of looking at these types of websites. Also, you want your vendors to be real so not everything can be 5/5.  Look at honesty and how they respond to constructive criticism.

3. Make a List

You probably notice the same names pop up again and again in each category.  Make a short list of roughly 3 wedding vendors from each service you plan on using and collaborate with the person you love to make sure you are on the same page.

4. Contact the Vendors on Your Short List

Now that we have a list of potential wedding vendors to work with it’s time to start getting info from them. These day most wedding vendors will have a contact form on their website, or at the very least an email address and phone number. Contact the vendors on your short list via whatever method works best for you.

5. Interview the Ones Who Reply with Good Information

You should hear back within 24 hours with all the information you need to get started. Set up a phone or video meeting with the vendors you feel best about and have a conversation about your plans, vision and expectations for the day. Right away you should be able to get a good gauge on the company’s customer service, professionalism and willingness to work with you.

Insider tip #3- If it takes more than a few days to get a reply, or you get poor information back this may be a bad sign, trust your gut feeling.

6. Hire One!

A good wedding vendor is one who knows what to do but is also flexible and willing to work with you to make your vision come together. So, pick wedding vendors who understand you, and your vision and who share your excitement.

Insider tip #4- Price is not the only measure of a good product or service and it is easy to spend too little or too much. Feel good about your choice and make a decision that you feel gives value and quality.

Final Thoughts

It’s been said that knowing the right vendor is like picking out a mate.  Trust your gut and stick with someone you can count on, can communicate well with, and who will help you reach your dreams!

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